The option that Real Madrid placed into the deal they signed with Juventus which would allow them to buy back Alvaro Morata for €30m is now open and will remain so until June 15th.

After that date it will close again until 1st June 2017.

Real Madrid are widely expected to buy Morata back, despite the player quite fancying a stay in Turin. They will then auction him off, even though Morata would love to play for them too. What he wants, it seems, doesn’t overly matter.

Arsenal are believed to be one of the most interested clubs in signing the Spaniard who enjoyed a great season with Juve and scored their winning goal in the Italian Cup final before the end of the season.

If reports to date are to be believed, we should start to see some action within the next fortnight if Real Madrid want to make a few quick Euros. A price tag of €60m has been mentioned for Morata and no-one seems to be laughing about it.

A recent piece in L’Equipe claimed that Wenger was prepared to spend whatever he needs to to land a front man.

Things might just be about to get very interesting indeed.