Fans of both Arsenal and Spurs will be gutted at blowing the chance to win the league, even if the latter admit it far more reluctantly.

Much of the talk from Spurs fans in recent days has been reserved, stating they’re proud of the side and never expected to win the league anyway so it isn’t a failure.

Well, they had a great chance to win a title they haven’t won since 1961; no matter what they say, there must be some regret and a lot of disappointment.

“We threw it away a few games ago when we had the chance to go top, which we didn’t,” Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted.

Playing the evening after Leicester had dropped points against West Brom, Spurs could have gone top of the table with a win but lost to West Ham United. Another chance came the following weekend but the Lilywhites failed to put pressure on the Foxes by beating Arsenal.

All that was despite going 2-1 up against a 10-man Arsenal side in the north London derby. So, yeah, they blew it.

“After that they [Leicester] showed consistency by winning games 1-0 for the whole season,” Eriksen added. “So congrats to Leicester. Hopefully next season will be revenge.”

It seems that the midfielder is the only person associated with Tottenham happy to say the title really was in their hands and up for grabs before they dropped points they really could have won.

At least someone’s facing up to the truth.

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