With the news on Thursday that the wages each player at Leicester earns had been revealed, the Express followed that up with a comparison of the wages at all Premier League clubs.

The Gunners spend a whopping £192m a year paying their players, though reports that 90% of that goes to Theo Walcott alone cannot be confirmed.

This is in contrast to Chelsea, who are the leaders wage expenditure, on £215.6m, Manchester United £203m, and Manchester City £193.8m.

Yes, that’s right, Arsenal are still fourth in wages paid out meaning that they should, in theory, be finishing fourth in the Premier League.

Of course, Leicester’s league title win has truly thrown the dinosaur amongst the Foxes. Claudio Ranieri’s men will take home a total of £48.2m this season (bonuses notwithstanding), not much more than Norwich who just spend £37m.

Arsenal’s north London rivals, who went so close yet fell so comically far from the finish line, Tottenham, spent just over twice Leicester’s budget – £110.5m.

Liverpool’s wage bill comes in at £150m.