We all know that our Carl Jenkinson enjoys a bit of banter and on Monday night, he didn’t hold back as Spurs took to the pitch.

The defender, who was on loan at West Ham but has been sidelined through injury, posted a picture of himself and a friend out at the cinema, claiming that nothing was on TV worth watching. Of course, at the time he posted it, Spurs were spanking Stoke City 4-0.

I’m not sure we’re really in a position to be ‘bantering off’ our north London rivals considering they could actually win the title this season but you have to admire the right-back’s cajones. Hopefully, it doesn’t come back to bite us and him on the backside.

Jenko is expected to return to football at Arsenal after his injury has healed but with Hector Bellerin pretty much a guaranteed starter, it’s difficult to see where he’ll fit in. It could be possible that we’ll be moving Calum Chambers centrally for good, in which case, it’ll be good to have Carl back in the squad. And not just for his banter.