After Leicester beat Sunderland 2-0 on Sunday and earned at least Europa League qualification, Claudio Ranieri was seen applauding the fans and having a little cry. Does this emotion sum up why Leicester have had a better season than Arsenal?

The former Chelsea manager appeared emotional after the win sent the Foxes seven points clear at the top of the table, securing European football for next season.

It’s looking as if the Blues are about to win their first League title and it’s massive for a club that was fighting relegation just this time last season.

This passion and gratitude shown by Ranieri is something rarely seen from managers of ‘top’ teams. Winning becomes the status quo and therefore the emotion felt is either expressed in private or not at all. Is it this emotion that Arsenal have been lacking this season? At times we’ve looked as if we can’t be bothered or as if we don’t care, and this extends to many of the home fans. Although Leicester have been lucky this season on a few occasions, something they have had in abundance is passion. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of their book.