If you ever thought that Tottenham were full of sh*t, you’d be right as David Bentley has just revealed to Four Four Two in their latest edition that Jonathan Woodgate took a dump in his washbag for a laugh.

Do I really need to add any more comment to this?

Four Four Two
Four Four Two

Bentley played for Arsenal for nine years, although he made only nine senior appearances before throwing a strop because he wasn’t being played enough at a time when Dennis Bergkamp was in the side.

The former footballer is a perfect lesson on how not to do things for young players, and his story should be read to wannabe ballers as a bedtime story every night.

Bentley had the world at his feet when he was just a teenager and now, aged 31, he has been retired for three years and spends his time being an obnoxious little troll when out in public. Allegedly.