Carlos Vela has been caught lying about being ill when he was, in fact, hungover.

The forward, who’s made 28 appearances for Real Sociedad this season and scored four goals, was caught out after saying that he missed training with gastroenteritis when he had actually been at a concert the night before and was presumably just hungover.

The lie is being taken very seriously by the club and it’s being reported that he could face being dropped for the rest of the season as punishment. This is unlikely. However, it is looking as if he could be fined 20 days wages.

Mexico’s national team forward Carlos Vela leaves the field after a training session at the High Performance Center in the outskirts of Mexico City on October 6, 2015. (YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

If Vela hadn’t taken pictures on his night out and the matter had remained within the club, I doubt his punishment would be too harsh. Players and professionals from all walks of life miss work through hangovers all the time. However, because this has been made public knowledge, Real Sociedad needs to be seen as proactive.

Will the forward learn from his mistakes?