Now colleagues on Sky Sports, there was a time that Thierry Henry would make Jamie Carragher look stupid for fun.

That’s not to disrespect Carragher, but Henry had his number. The Liverpool centre-half feared playing Arsenal’s record goalscorer and it showed every time they stepped on the pitch.

“The best centre forward I played against was Thierry Henry,” Carragher told the Daily Mail earlier this week. “I think he has been the best player to ever play in the Premier League. The Invincibles team were the best team I ever played against.

“He was the best player in Europe at that stage along with Ronaldinho, Kaka and Rivaldo. He was definitely in that group of players.”

During that Invincibles season, Henry made Carragher look foolish in front of the North Bank in a famous 4-2 win against Liverpool. Or maybe the more embarrassing moment for the defender was the goal Henry scored in the FA Cup at Anfield a couple of seasons later.

How about you watch them both and decide for yourself?

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