Per Mertesacker highlighted the importance of fighting for each other after our 1-0 win over Newcastle in the Premier League.

The defender’s comments are refreshing, as so often the players talk about fighting for the fans and, while this is considerate of them, it’s not enough. The team simply has to perform for each other. So often pundits have spoken about Arsenal not having each other’s backs and now we do.

“We put in everything and we had to because Newcastle were good on the break and could have taken the lead as well,” the German said.

“When you dig in and fight for your team-mates you get your reward.”

Playing for the manager and the fans is one thing and something all players should be doing. However, when the squad begins to form bonds with one another, fighting for each other can be even more important.

Per’s comments are just another example of how much our team respects their peers and a testament to the fact that we’re a tight-knit group. We’ve been through a lot and having that solidarity both on the pitch and off it is vital if we’re going to go even further this season.

If our entire squad has Per’s attitude, we can definitely win the league.