On Monday, a video began to do the rounds of Cesc Fabregas reportedly clapping the Arsenal fans who booed him throughout the match and patting his Chelsea badge.

However, the video itself isn’t that clear. The midfielder, who had an annoyingly good game against us, does appear to be applauding something or someone, but the ‘patting of the badge’ just looks us if he’s pointing to himself.

I’m sure he is responding to someone who’s booing him but I’m not so sure he’s being deliberately antagonistic.

What do you think?

Despite the fact that I’m not sure Cesc is actually patting his Chelsea badge to the Arsenal fans, it was clear on Sunday in the Blues’ 1-0 victory at the Emirates that any fondness he had, or at least pretended to have for us, is no longer there. He’s well and truly a Chelsea man now and it’s best we all just move on from booing, jeering and the like, and support our current players.