Former Arsenal captain and midfielder Patrick Vieira has had a bit of a controversial week.

Just a few days ago he revealed José Mourinho, who he played under for 18 months, had more influence on him than Arsène Wenger as a manager.

After that he went on to talk about the fact that Arsenal never contacted him for a role at the club, which I’m not entirely sure why they should have. If he wanted to get into coaching we don’t owe him anything and maybe he could have contacted us. The weekend didn’t get any better for any of the aforementioned, as Vieira’s former clubs Arsenal and Manchester City both dropped points. It leaves them level with each other, both three points behind Leicester City.

“It is still wide open because of the result (on Sunday). Chelsea beating Arsenal, City drawing 2-2 with West Ham, Spurs on a really good run and Leicester still involved,” Vieira said to ESPN. “Anything can happen, teams can go anywhere and drop points. 

“That’s why this Premier League is so special, that’s you can go all around the world and it’s so popular.”

Then the Arsenal legend, captain of the team the last time we won the title, was asked a difficult question. He spent the end of his playing career in Manchester and has since been coaching at City, so who does he want to win the league?

“I just want to find a political answer! I just wish the best team to win it. If City don’t win it, I want Arsenal to win it.”

Well then. Seems clear that Manchester City is the answer, with Arsenal an alternative. Make of that what you will.