Aaron Ramsey was, once again, booed by Stoke fans for daring to have his leg broken by Ryan Shawcross when he was just a teenager.

The Stoke fans claim they boo him because he refused to accept Shawcross’s apology but as Ramsey has said before, no real apology came his way. And anyway, he is under no obligation to accept any apology if he doesn’t want to – it hardly makes him the villain of this piece.

The Stoke fans ‘explanation’ falls down when they can be heard singing ‘Aaron Ramsey, he walks with a limp’ during the games when the two sides meet, but, as you can see from the photo below, Ramsey is not at all bothered by the whole thing.

Back in 2012, Ramsey said about Shawcross’s apology “I just turn up and play. I’m over what happened in the past, I’ve moved on. I had a text off him straight after I done my leg but that was it.”

The Stoke fans, who often can be found telling Arsenal fans to ‘just get over it’ can also often be found wearing Arsene Wenger masks…usually while booing Ramsey and not getting over anything themselves.