Following Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Sunderland on Saturday, Hector Bellerin tweeted that we don’t need Ozil to win.

After murmurings that we’re becoming a one man team, which are mainly down to Ozil being at the centre of most of our victories, the defender took to Twitter to playfully suggest that we don’t need the playmaker to win.

Obviously the right-back was just having a light-hearted dig at those who do believe we’re rubbish without the German. However, it is true we’ve been relying on him a little too much recently and therefore giving him a rest against Sunderland was a good idea.

Ozil obviously took the tweet in his strides, replying:

I’m sure the victory without him on the pitch will also give the players who were a bit of a boost, considering they’re probably more than aware of Ozil’s impact.