As long as we’re in the running for the title, Arsene Wenger will continue to be asked about our chances of winning it.

And as long as he’s asked, the boss will continue to say it’s too early to tell but you can’t count us out.

Speaking ahead of our match against Newcastle on Saturday, Wenger once again reiterated his point that it’s simply too early to tell how the league will pan out this season.

“You cannot rule us out,” he said.

“We have a chance and we want to fight for it.”

He added, “I believe we have to focus on ourselves more than looking at who will be our threat.”

I’m not sure what the press expect him to say about our chances of winning. At the moment, it does look as if we could do it but it’s not even January. We still have months of potential injuries, tough ties and mental battles to overcome and it’d be naive to say we’re going to win it at this point.

What is refreshing, however, is the fact that we are in a strong position. We’re not currently relying on other teams to drop points. It’s all in our hands… or does that make it even worse?