After our 2-0 win against Bournemouth on Monday, Arsene Wenger took a bit of time to reflect on 2015 and how he feels about our progress.

There’s no doubt that we’re in a stronger position now than we were last season. Although Man City and Leicester (!) are putting up a fight at the top, at least we’re genuine title contenders now, rather than just top four hopefuls.

In December last year we sat in fifth place with 33 points behind none other than Southampton and on New Year’s Day we lost 2-0 at St. Mary’s in what Wenger believes was the turning point of our season.

This year, the boss is hoping for a similar response.

“I am very happy because we have done very well in 2015,” Wenger said.

“It’s a bit bizarre because Southampton last year was a turning point for us and this year I hope it will be one again. That means we can go even higher after another big defeat at Southampton.

“Let’s wish that for 2016, wish all our fans a happy New Year and just try to give them even more in 2016.”

Fortunately, not only are we better off in the league so far this season, we’re mentally a lot stronger. Although ‘mental strength’ has become a bit of a cliche for Gooners, in this case it really is true. We’ve been through so much as a team, we’re far better off.