Arsenal have been known for their attacking football since Arsene Wenger arrived in 1996.

The Frenchman brought with him the typically European style of pass and move football, which we adapted into our own style. We combined the strength and speed of the Premier League with the ticka-tacka of others and developed a unique type of football, which people love to watch all over the world.

The only issue is our style relies heavily on possession. Keeping the ball means the other team don’t have it and when they don’t have it, they can’t score. However, as the modern game and Premiership has progressed, possession football doesn’t necessarily guarantee a win anymore. In fact, it can appear stagnant and ineffective.

Speaking ahead of our match against Southampton, who also favour keep-ball, Wenger admitted, “Possession is not rewarded like it was before. It doesn’t give you the win as much.”

Admitting that we can no longer rely on tactics the boss has used for years is why he’s such a good manager. He realises we need to adapt and fixes it; he’s not half at stubborn as people like to tell themselves.