Aaron Ramsey is very good at football, mainly because he is good at pretty much every aspect of being a footballer.

What did he manage to do at Villa Park on Sunday?

Ramsey had the most shots (3), played the most passes (78), made the most ball recoveries (9) and won the most tackles (5) of any player involved in Arsenal’s 2-0 win against Aston Villa. One of his shots also found the back of the net.

No Arsenal player made more interceptions than Ramsey, and only Mesut Özil played more final third passes and created more chances.

Basically, Arsenal have a midfielder who can do absolutely anything you would want from a midfielder and, after a year on the right wing, he is determined to show everyone just how good he is in his favoured central role. Don’t worry Aaron, you’re doing a mighty fine job.

As I wrote after the win against Sunderland a week ago,playing Ramsey centrally helps get the very best out of Mesut Özil. This was evident again on Sunday, as the two passed to each other more often than any other combination of players on the pitch. Özil once again got an assist, this time for Ramsey, with a goal that summed up everything about the Welshman.

He won the ball on the edge of his own box, initiating an Arsenal counter-attack. Eager to join in and get into a dangerous position, he kept up with Özil and the ball to be in support when the German was bearing down on goal. Then, as he does when confident, he drove into the box and finished Özil’s pass with no hesitation. Arsenal were 2-0 up and the game was as good as over, all thanks to three key moments in one from Aaron Ramsey.

A strong tackle, a driving run, a tidy and calm finish. Ramsey is a complete midfielder, and showed again on Sunday that Arsenal must endeavour to build a midfielder around him and his understanding with Özil.