Harry Redknapp’s at it again, being generally strange and making unsubstantiated claims.

The former Spurs boss has now decided to bless us with a backhanded compliment, saying how our pitches at London Colney and the Emirates are immaculate but in the same sentence claiming this could be to blame for our injury problems.

“The Emirates pitch is absolutely immaculate,” Redknapp announced. “Maybe it is too good.

“It is a hybrid grass pitch and it could make them more susceptible to injury when they don’t play on it.”

The former manager then went on to admit that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.

Classic Harry.

Our injury list is disturbingly long at the moment and it’s safe to say that something does need to be done behind the scenes. However, I doubt messing up our pitch is the answer to all our questions. If it was really that simple, why wouldn’t we have already driven a tractor over it?

Also, if our fantastic pitch is really the cause of our injuries, is Redknapp inferring that everyone else’s is terrible and that’s why they don’t suffer from the same issues? I know our pitch is good but surely it’s not that good.