Rumour has it Pep Guardiola won’t be manager of FC Bayern Munich for much longer.

The Spaniard has been long courted by Manchester City, and they could have their chance to get him in the summer should he leave Bayern and look for work immediately, rather than taking a year off as he did when he left Barcelona.

Monday sees Manchester City face Arsenal and, naturally, Manuel Pellegrini was asked about his future. Meanwhile, the stark contrast of Arsène Wenger and his Arsenal reign will be in the home dugout.

“I don’t know if it’s an example but I think to do what Arsenal have done in the last 19 years  with the same manager reflects that the manager is not such a bad manager,” Pellegrini told the media in a press conference on Friday.

“I think that Arsène Wenger deserves a lot of praise because it’s not easy to manage the same team for so many years. It also reflects what you think about the owners of the club, maybe they’re sure that (working long-term) you’ll have better results.

“I think in the case they have reason, in the case with Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson (Arsenal) have a reason (to stay with Wenger).”

There’s no doubt that Wenger has brought incredible stability to Arsenal, despite shouts from some sections of media and the fanbase every season in recent years. Now close to the top of the table and able to sign big player, the pressure on Wenger isn’t quite so intense.

It’s not a luxury Pellegrini has, but he was eager to defend City’s way of running the club.

“It’s so difficult to know what’s the best solution for each club,” said the Chilean.

“I can’t talk about the way other people want to manage the club. Every owner has the right, because they’re the owner, to see what’s best for the future of the club. That’s no problem because I’m not thinking for them, I’m thinking about me.”

That doesn’t seem the best approach for anyone involved. If Pellegrini knows his days are likely numbered, will he consider the long-term future of the club with all of his decisions? His reluctance to use players like Kelechi Iheanacho suggests not, and that’s far from ideal for Manchester City.