Thierry Henry was about as perplexed as most Arsenal fans when Alexis’ name was read out on the team sheet against Norwich.

The Chilean was expected to miss a game in fear of agitating a small hamstring problem and Arsene Wenger even admitted that it was probably time to rest his star player. However, he didn’t and not long into the second half against the Canaries, the forward was subbed off while holding his hamstring.

Cue Twitter meltdown and just about everyone and their mother questioning why the boss played Alexis in the first place.

After the game, Arsenal legend Henry admitted that although he could see how hard it was for Wenger if Alexis was saying he was fine before the game, as the manager he should have taken charge of the situation and rested him.

“I can feel for Arsene, in a way,” the pundit said. “You’re playing for the title, you’re coming here, you need to win; obviously if you ask Alexis Sanchez if he’s OK he’s going to say ‘yes’. If not, if the guy says ‘no’, then he might as well leave the club, you’re there to play.

“But I think you almost don’t have to ask him anything if you want to rest him. I personally wouldn’t have liked that when I was a player but then you take it on the chin and you see the bigger picture because you want to be out there and play for the whole season.”

I’m inclined to agree with Henry. Alexis is such a huge player for us and resting him for one game would have been much preferred to the situation we now find ourselves in. I realise that the forward likes to play and doesn’t appreciate being rested but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.