Against Aston Villa, Petr Cech managed to equal David James’ record of 169 clean sheets.

Managing to keep that many clean sheets during your career as a goalkeeper is the equivalent of a striker breaking a goal scoring record. It shows that you’re doing your job and that the hard work is paying off.

Although Cech admitted that he’s not usually fussed by individual achievements, this one is a big’un and he’s glad to see his dedication getting noticed.

“I’m glad that people are noticing what I try to achieve,” he said.

“As a player you try to achieve something that people remember you for. Not only that you score one goal or make one good save, you want to set the example that this is not the one-season or one-game wonder.”

Since signing for us from Chelsea in the summer, Cech has been a revelation at Arsenal. He’s single-handedly managed to keep us in games we may have drawn or even lost previously. His experience not only on the pitch but in the dressing room has helped the players focus and his professionalism has filtered down to even the younger members of the squad.

Cech is a fantastic example of what a footballer should be like; I’m really proud to have him at Arsenal.