Arsene Wenger wasn’t impressed with our defensive display against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and blames this for our 5-1 loss.

Speaking after the match, the boss claimed that we made it easy for the German team by being incredibly poor at the back.

“You have to give credit to Bayern for their quality but we made things easy for them,” he said.

“We were extremely poor defensively.”

From my personal viewpoint, I don’t think we were particularly good anywhere on the pitch and although it could be said that we were defensively poor, Bayern were always going to be too strong.

If they’d only put a couple of goals past us and hadn’t played on a completely different level to us, perhaps we could feel more robbed but we were out-matched in just about every area.

Hopefully we don’t dwell too much on this result and can move on to the north London derby on Sunday stronger. In the league we’re still in a great position so it’d be a shame if we let this bad result away to Bayern affect all our hard work in the Premiership.

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