After Wenger confirmed that Francis Coquelin would be out with a knee injury for at least a month, thoughts turned to who we would replace him with.

Mikel Arteta was also injured in the match against West Brom so that rules him out of the running and leaves Mathieu Flamini as our only option in that position.

This realisation doesn’t exactly fill many with confidence.

However, Wenger does have a plan B up his sleeve, which includes Calum Chambers.

“We have lost a player of quality for a while and we know this can happen during the season,” he said.

“We have players who play in this position, like Flamini. We have players like Chambers [too], because he has been educated as a central midfielder.”

Admittedly, I’m unfamiliar with Chambers’ ability in midfield. Although the boss says he’s educated in that position, the youngster is also apparently ‘educated’ in playing at centre back – an area he hasn’t performed well in recently.

The idea of putting the skittish Chambers in such an enforcing role is a little scary to say the least. I hope, if Wenger does play him there, he makes me eat my words.