Arsenal started the season in poor form, but continued to win some games.

Now Arsenal are in poor form and aren’t winning games. Performances against Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Liverpool and West Ham United were not good but brought a fair seven points. After that, the Gunners found some rhythm and went top of the table by beating Everton at the end of October.

Since then? Another scrappy win came at Swansea and has been followed by two draws and a defeat in November.

“We have to go through that spell,” Arsène Wenger said in the press conference after the 1-1 draw with Norwich on Sunday, apparently unaware that Arsenal’s poor spell could arguably extend back to August. “We had a bad spell of a few games now with Tottenham, West Brom and today we only have taken two points but we are still not far and going through a bad spell and not being far.”

Wins against Manchester United, Watford and Everton were all convincing. The style against Leicester City was a little rope-a-dope but it worked. Other than that run of games, Arsenal have failed to really impress, even when winning.

Something isn’t quite right with this team, and it will only get worse as the injuries continue to pile up.

“It is not enough but at least we had an opportunity to come back.”

Wenger’s right that we can come back. After fourteen games, we’re just two points from the top of the table. It’s not as though everything’s terrible by any means, but more consistency and a more commanding grasp of games is needed.

There’s time to figure it out, but Arsenal will have to improve to stand any chance of winning the league this season.