With 10 assists in just 11 Premier League games so far this season, Mesut Özil is lighting up the Premier League.

His performances have always been of a high standard, but without consistent end product he has found himself and his application regularly questioned since joining Arsenal just over 2 years ago. Not anymore.

There are also two goals this season to compliment those assists, and they’ve both come in big games. Giving Arsenal a 2-0 lead against Manchester United and then Bayern Munich, it would be audacious to still pedal the idea that Özil doesn’t affect big games. So what’s made a difference?

“After training there are a few shooting drills that can help with self-belief,” the German playmaker told Arsenal Player. “In general, when you look at my chances in front of goal, I’ve taken them well.”

After scoring in two huge games already, Özil is now eyeing up more goals to help the side.

Alexis Sánchez is yet to truly hit top form this campaign, Olivier Giroud is our only fit striker and Aaron Ramsey is injured for the time being. It really is important that Özil scores more, and he knows it.

“I’m intending to score more this season than in previous years. It’s most important for us to perform well and to be successful – I’m looking forward to giving assists or scoring goals.

“My aim is to score more goals this season than in the last two. I think I’m on a good path and will achieve that.”

The assists have been faultless, so more goals is a good next step to take. In his first Arsenal season, Özil managed seven in 40 appearances (a goal every 5.7 games) and he netted five in 32 appearances (6.4) last season.

His time at Real Madrid wasn’t too different – in three seasons, Özil scored just 27 goals in 159 games (5.9), so it’s time to step it up. With the assists coming regularly, finding the back of the net more himself is the next step for Özil to improve and keep the few remaining doubters quiet.

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