Since joining Arsenal in 2013, Mesut Ozil is yet to have a full season without injury.

Recently, the playmaker said he’s feeling fit after getting a proper pre-season under his belt. However, could it only be a matter of time before the German picks up an injury?

It’s a worrying thought. We’re far from a one man team but Ozil is definitely one of our prized possessions and not just because of his £42.5m price tag. The midfielder’s creativity, drive and work rate are a huge part of how we play. His selfless style encapsulates Wenger’s ethos and when he’s injured, he’s missed.

This season Ozil’s kicked things up a notch and I dare say we’d miss him even more now.

Speaking recently, he said, “Last season, I was out with my knee injury for a few months. This year I feel fit. I have no injuries and can perform well in games. At the moment, things are going really well.”

It’s good that he’s feeling fit. However, we’re yet to get past that tricky Christmas period when the fixtures start coming thick and fast, and players start dropping.

The issue is, because Ozil is so integral to our team, he tends to get overplayed and if this happens again, he’s only going to end up back in that ‘red zone’ and possibly sidelined.

If we can work closely with him, keep an eye on old injuries and give him a rest, whether he wants it or not, we have a far higher chance of keeping him fit for a whole season.