The Arsenal AGM took place on Thursday afternoon and, among a flurry of talking points, Arsène Wenger mentioned what the club would look like when he leaves on a number of occasions.

After 19 years, it’s hard to imagine Arsenal without Wenger in charge. As a club we could hardly have changed more since 1996, yet here we are.

The boss has a contract until 2017 but is there any chance it’ll be his last? While he was keen to reiterate how driven he is right now, Wenger mentioned the future, and the legacy he will leave, on a number of occasions.

It’s actually odd to imagine Arsenal without Arsène Wenger, but that time may be on the horizon. He has guided us through the tricky years without money as the stadium debt was paid off and we are now looking towards a bright future.

Wenger has assembled a squad with world class talents, and we are capable of competing again. This season is set to prove that, whether or not it ends with us winning the title.

Ultimately, nobody can really put into words just how much Arsène Wenger has done, and it probably won’t be obvious until he leaves and we can all look back at the bigger picture. But he will certainly leave a legacy, be it in 2012 or 2027.

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