Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry thinks José Mourinho is facing his toughest ever test at Chelsea.

The Blues won the Premier League just five months ago, but are currently 16th in the table, eight games into the new season.

After Saturday’s loss to Southampton, the Portuguese insisted the club will have to sack him for him to leave his post, despite no rumours surrounding his job. Chelsea have since released a statement, and Henry doesn’t feel his job is in trouble.

“I don’t think he is in danger. The danger is trying to make top four, like he said himself,” Henry said on Sky Sports.

“He’s facing the toughest challenge he’s ever had in his career. For the first time he has to make sure he can bring those players along.”

“Are they still buying into what he’s asking them to do? I don’t think so. They didn’t look like a team who were very interested in winning the game. I didn’t see that togetherness between the boss and his players.

“He’s going to have to face something that he never before has faced because he never stayed long at a club.”

Mourinho’s longest reign at a club was during his first spell at Chelsea, which saw him leave early in his fourth season. A third season at Stamford Bridge this time around is going horribly, can he really turn it around?

He seems perfect for short-term success but provides no stability whatsoever and apparently has no idea how to reinvigorate a side, as well as struggling to develop players.

José is in big trouble.

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