Mind games ahoy!

Pep Guardiola has claimed that Arsenal have the advantage ahead of their Champions League encounter on Tuesday night because Arsenal ‘have to win’.

That’s some crazy logic right there.

Arsenal go into the game, rooted to the bottom of the group with a big fat zero points, while Bayern are top with two wins and not a single goal conceded.

Of course that gives us an advantage.

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Speaking to the press, Pep said “In this situation, they have the advantage.

“They have to win. When that happens with these kind of players they are going to make the best performance possible. I cannot expect a team that doesn’t fight for 90 minutes.

“It’s the last chance. In life when you have the last chance you give absolutely everything, and we have to be prepared for that against Arsenal.”

He did, however, take some time out from trying to play silly games, to praise Arsene and his 20 years at one club by adding “Twenty years at one club is now impossible.

“Nobody has that energy any more. It can get boring for the people; Arsène is an exception, like Ferguson was. Wenger is not only a manager, he is a sporting director. He changed the club.

“They played defensively before he came. Wenger is more than just a manager for this club. He is almost everything. He can be at a club for longer. Me: no!”

Can you have a word with some Arsenal fans, Pep? They might listen to you as they don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to Arsene.