It must be daunting to prepare a team to face an Arsenal side which has scored eight goals in its last two Premier League games.

Five at previously unbeaten Leicester City and then three in the opening 20 minutes of a game against Manchester United, Arsenal finally seem to have clicked. Nonetheless, Quique Sanchez Flores has had two weeks to prepare for Saturday’s game and the Watford manager is confident his side can take something from the game.

“We will play a smart match, this is the most important thing,” the Spaniard told Hornets Players HD as he looked ahead to the match.

“They have a lot of quality, but for us the most important thing is to choose well in what part of the pitch we want to play.

“They have a lot of variants,” he added. “They have very good players and they can change their shape depending on the score of the match, but it is important that we think about us.

“If we do what we are preparing to do, we will have the chance to take a positive result.”

The Spaniard is about to take charge of just his ninth Premier League match, but is incredibly impressed by the longevity of Arsène Wenger.

In eight managerial roles before his latest endeavour, Flores has not seen through a third season once. Four of those jobs were in Spain, where he says Wenger’s tenure would be unthinkable in Spain.

“In Spain it is difficult to ever think of a manager managing for 20 years,” Flores said in his official pre-match press conference. “We live in another philosophy. We think in another philosophy. Sometimes in Spain we don’t wait until the end of the season to change.”

That’s becoming the case in England but hasn’t affected Arsenal yet, with the club in Wenger’s hands.

The two managers meet for the first time on Saturday, but maybe Flores will remain with the Hornets long enough – and have enough success – for it to be the first of many.