Arsenal fans would have been left frustrated by Theo Walcott on Saturday, as the striker could have had a hat-trick.

The first half of the game against Stoke saw Theo miss a straightforward rebound and put a completely free header over the bar before he grabbed the opener and his first goal of the season.

In the second half a number of good runs went unfound and, when he did receive the ball in the right half-space, he conspired to take too long and put his effort straight at Jack Butland.

Four big chances, not just chances, but only one goal. It’s frustrating, but fans should be encouraged. The fact he got those chances are a credit to his movement and the players around him finding him and he will start scoring a lot eventually. Why? Well, he’s the best finisher at the club.

If that stat doesn’t convince you, nothing ever will. Walcott converts shots at the same rate as Thierry Henry 2003-07, so it’s hard to suggest he isn’t excellent in front of goal.

Walcott is lacking a lot of Henry’s attributes, but the finishing and movement of the ball are there. If he keeps getting the ball, he will score a lot of goals for the club. Definitely.