I, along with 90% of the Goonerverse, are now being forced to eat our words regarding Mikel Arteta’s lack of pace following the news that the midfielder is actually one of the fastest players in the Premier League.

Arteta has come under a lot of criticism, the majority of which being unnecesary, which I’ve always acknowledged. However, at times, I have agreed that he’s lost a lot of his pace. It’s natural – he’s 33-years-old and is only now returning from long term injury; these things happen and it doesn’t detract from the reliable, controlled, professional, consistence player we know him as.

However, now it turns out we were wrong and ‘slow’ Arteta isn’t actually all that sluggish.

In fact, against Leicester on Saturday, the midfielder not only ran faster than anyone in the Arsenal team, he was one of the most rapid in the Premier League!

The captain reached 20.9mph during the match, which, when you consider we had the likes of Walcott and Bellerin on the pitch, is amazing.

For once, I don’t mind being proved wrong.

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