Polish legend, Zbigniew Boniek, has claimed that Arsenal have made a mistake by sending Wojciech Szczesny away on loan and that he will remain in Roma after this season.

We loaned Woj out after buying Petr Cech in, what I have to agree, was a silly move. Obviously, I don’t know what goes on within our club and I’m not for a second claiming to believe I know better than Arsene Wenger, but this is one move I couldn’t explain.

Despite not getting first team football consistently, Woj would have had the chance to learn from one of the best goalkeepers in the world who has been there and won everything. It could have been hugely beneficial for both player and club.

However, now the 25-year-old is out on loan to Roma for this season, where he’s featured twice.

Former footballer, Boniek, reckons this was a huge mistake on our part and that Woj is actually better than Cech.

“Szczesny has a “dry” loan for a year… but if all goes well I am convinced that he will remain with Roma, Arsenal made a mistake to send him away, he is much stronger than Cech,” Boniek said.

“He is very happy to stay in Rome, he is happy with the team.”

As much as I love Woj and I do think it was a strange move to send him away, to say he’s much stronger than Cech is just denial in its truest form.