Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has refused to be drawn into the ‘argument‘ between Gary Neville and Arsene Wenger.

The former United defender recently labelled Wenger as arrogant and blasted him for not replacing Patrick Vieira. Numerous other sources have now gotten involved, many of which alluding to the fact that there aren’t exactly footballers like the ex-Arsenal defensive midfielder falling out of the sky.

When asked about the comments, the Ox said, “I don’t need to act as a peacemaker. I have heard that our manager has addressed that – I’m sure he addressed it in a very good way — but they are two people I highly respect.”

The 22-year-old then went on to essentially talk about Neville as if he’s the best human being to ever grace the earth, which is understandable because he’s currently having to work under him at the England training camp.

“When I watch Monday Night Football, I always want to listen to what he has to say and nine times out of 10 I agree with everything he does say,” Alex continued.

“It’s brilliant the way he explains things and he is very respectful. He’s very honest — as he is when he is away with England — and there is nothing wrong with that.

“It’s credit to him because obviously it could be a tricky situation where he’s talking about our games on TV and then he comes to work with England, but he seems to do it without any of us holding a grudge against him.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain is very switched on for such a young player and this isn’t a new thing. The midfielder knows how to be diplomatic, calm and courteous when speaking to the press and his answers are always measured, while being open enough that you don’t feel like he’s a closed book. The Ox is a clever one and definitely one to watch out for this season.

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