Mike Dean has been appointed the referee for Chelsea v Arsenal on Saturday afternoon.

Are you groaning yet? The referee has a reputation for disliking the Gunners and has overseen a number of bleak days for Arsène Wenger’s men. Even more to the point he loves giving cards and penalties on the big occasion. Should we be worried?

Last time he was in the middle for a game between Arsenal and Chelsea, the referee failed to send off John Obi Mikel for a nasty tackle on Mikel Arteta.

Oddly enough, Dean has been in charge of these two sides more than any other during his career, and Chelsea fans will have enough reason to dislike him too.

Across 58 games, Chelsea have only lost nine with Dean refereeing but have seen received seven red cards, while their opposition have only received two. Always looking to balance things out, Dean has awarded Chelsea with 11 penalties in those games, and given nine against them. 58 games, nine red cards, 20 penalties. He really loves a big decision far too much.

Despite the record with Dean in the middle improving over the last couple of seasons, Arsenal won’t be happy at all to see the referee. Only Manchester United beat Arsenal with Dein in charge during the last campaign, and he even gave us a penalty at Manchester City!

In 56 Arsenal games he has sent four Arsenal players off and given six penalties against us. Despite sending opposition players off five times, Dean has also awarded six penalties against Wenger’s sides.

Emotions will be running high on Saturday with Mourinho and Wenger, Fàbregas and Arsenal, Čech and Chelsea all clashing. Keep an eye on the battle between Gabriel and Diego Costa. You get a horrible feeling a big decision is going to be made at the weekend, and it could influence the game.