Per Mertesacker has certainly had an eventful couple of weeks.

Bed-ridden for 18 days with a viral chest infection, the Arsenal vice-captain was involved in a car crash that left him shaken but unhurt after his car aquaplaned on the M1 and also named as the best Premier League defender in FIFA 16.

Much-maligned outside of Arsenal by football fans who just don’t get him, Gooners know what he brings to the side and will be pleasantly surprised to see him ranked as the sixth best defender in the world by the gaming giants EA Sports.

Of course, if you were to ask Arsenal fans to be honest, as much as they love the BFG, you’d be hard pushed to find any who think that he’s better than Laurent Koscielny, but despite being given a low 31 for his pace, Per comes out with a score of 88 for his defensive ability and an overall ranking of 83.