As if it wasn’t silly enough that Arsenal were linked with Edinson Cavani in the first place, now we’re apparently chasing him like a dog with a bone.

According to reports, we won’t take no for an answer and plan on coming back with a new bid in January during the winter transfer window.

Apparently, Wenger didn’t want to stump up the £50m this summer, which, if true, is understandable, but come winter his price will have reduced to a much more affordable amount.

The forward has been out of favour at PSG for a while now and I’ve no doubt that he probably wants to leave the Ligue 1 team. However, if we’re not willing to sign him now, while Danny Welbeck is injured and we’re having trouble scoring goals, why on earth would be buy him later when theoretically, Welbeck will be back and our form will have returned?