Ian Wright has expressed his annoyance at watching Olivier Giroud play down the right hand side.

It must be difficult being a retired footballer who was genuinely really good and having to watch other players make mistakes you would never make.

Wrighty is notoriously unable to hold his tongue when Arsenal do something wrong and now, Giroud is on the receiving end of the former Gunner’s criticism.

Talking about the win over Crystal Palace, in which Giroud actually scored a beaut of a goal, Wright said, “I’d like him to stay in the centre of the centre halves, and be that focal point.

“Sometimes I look at him and he goes down the right hand side, and takes so long to get back. Watching him sometimes that annoys me.”

There is room for improvement with Giroud. I don’t think anyone’s denying that, but I do think some of Wright’s annoyance stems from frustration. There are few things he enjoys more than playing football and to watch someone playing for the team he supports, who he used to play for, making mistakes, must get to him.

Giroud’s getting there. He’s not the finished article yet but he’s well on his way.

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