Ian Wright is known for being pretty outspoken when it comes to issues surrounding his former club and after the loss to West Ham, he was pretty angry.

Admittedly, you’d be hard-pressed to find an Arsenal fan who wasn’t livid, or at least mildly perturbed after Sunday’s performance.

The former striker, who played over 200 matches for Arsenal and 22 for West Ham during his career on the pitch, wasn’t just frustrated with the result, he was worried about it.

“What worried me was the same old problem – the apparent lack of a winning mentality,” Wright said. “At times it seems more important to play great football than grind out a point.

The pundit then compared us to Chelsea, which will probably go down like a lead balloon, but he has a point. At 1-0 down, I felt we could come back, but when that second goal went in I knew there was absolutely no way we were getting anything out of the fixture.

“Just look at Chelsea,” he continued. “Keeper sent off, two fortunate goals, star men way below their best…but at least they lived up to the age-old saying that if you can’t win, at least make sure you don’t lose.”

It was a different feeling from the FA Cup final against Hull, where although I was anxious and pretty much ready to pack up my belongings and go and live in the woods, I suspected we could turn things around.

Sunday was different and I hope we snap out of it quickly.

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