Arsene Wenger has outlined how different our approach to transfers can afford to be compared to when we were paying off the Emirates.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s match against Liverpool, the boss touched upon our transfer policy and how we can now perhaps afford to buy big players, whereas before we were selling all our best.

“What is new for us, there are two ways,” Wenger said. “Before, when we were building the stadium, the big clubs came to buy the players from us.

“Now we are in a position where we can keep our big players but sometimes there are so many big players in the other big, big clubs who are good but do not play.”

The boss added, “So after a year or two you can get a good deal. Sánchez is a case. Pedro is another case. Arjen Robben is another.”

The signing of Mesut Ozil in particular marked a huge change. The record-breaking signing was a huge statement of intent, not just to the footballing world, but to Arsenal fans who had persevered for so many years without trophies. It was the sign of change.

We’d been told for so long that we would eventually compete again, that many had lost faith completely.

Could Wenger be potentially hinting at another big signing this summer? Perhaps, perhaps not. However, I’m positive that the boss will be looking and, as he says, if the right player comes along, we’re now in a position where we can put in an offer.