Steve McClaren spoke to the press immediately after the game against Arsenal and was quick to blame the referee for sending off his player.

The red card was issued when Aleksander Mitrovic raked his studs down Francis Coquelins shin in what was a clear red card, but McClaren didn’t think so, stating that it was harsh and nothing more than a ‘clumsy stamp’ saying the referee made a ‘rod for his own back’ for booking players too early.

What should he have done, Steve? Just let you kick the crap out of Arsenal because it was early on in the match?


Could you imagine if Arsene Wenger had come out with something like that after what was a clear red?

Wenger, unsurprisingly, had a different view of the incident…after he had seen a replay because he missed it during the game.

“Honestly during the game I didn’t see,” Wenger said. “Just seeing the game on television, unfortunately it was a red card. He didn’t play the ball at all.”

Even the pundits on BT Sport (and Howard Webb) agreed it was a red card. Your’e delusional, Steve, if you think it wasn’t.