It is a thing within the Arsenal squad that new players have to stand on a chair in front of the rest of the team and sing a song.

Speaking to English duo Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott revealed that Petr Čech performed an incredible rap as he introduced himself to the Arsenal squad.

“Petr basically went round each table and did a rap, involving each of the players sitting at the table – and he included the boss – it was amazing,” Walcott said. “There is a video of it but I don’t think it’ll ever go out…”

Sounds pretty impressive, unlike the goalkeeper’s Premier League debut for the club. Čech had a nightmare at Emirates Stadium on Sunday as Arsenal lost 2-0 to West Ham United.

The pair were also asked about ‘bromances’ within the squad and selected Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Calum Chambers, though they weren’t the top choice.

“Calum and Alex are tight…but nothing beats Mesut and Mathieu.”

Earlier in the year Oxlade-Chamberlain joked that Flamini follows Özil ‘like a leech’, and it seems to be an opinion that others share.

“They do everything together, they do gym sessions together, sauna together, eat togethe

“We actually call them Flamzil,” Walcott said.

Mathieu Flamini may well leave Arsenal this summer, so let’s hope it doesn’t affect Mesut too badly if he loses his best friend in the squad.