Despite putting in a questionable performance against West Ham for his Arsenal Premier League debut, Graeme Souness (of all people) has asked people to give Petr Cech a break.

Although the whole team performance against West Ham was disappointing, Cech’s decision making, especially for the second goal was a little off, leaving most Gooners shaking their heads.

In stark contrast to what we saw in pre-season, the former Chelsea man seemed a little off, which is to be expected. I just wish he hadn’t been ‘off‘ while the rest of the team seemed to simultaneously forget how to play football.

Strangely, former Liverpool man, Souness, has been one of the first to leap to the 33-year-old’s defence. Not usually one for defending anyone related to Arsenal in any way, the Sky Sports presenter said, “Don’t judge him after one game. Arsenal will not be far away again, Petr Cech will still be one of the best goalkeepers in the world come the end for the season, and he will prove that.”

It almost sounded as if the presenter is more optimistic about our future than we are!

“I am standing my ground on a very solid platform,” Souness continued. “He has never been anything other than a top class goalkeeper, and he will continue to be just that.

“He looks like he is wrong footed, and is moving to the wrong side,” he explained. “He has his weight on his left foot there, and he is retreating a bit.

“We are talking about this today as he is a top goalkeeper, but he is partially responsible for the result today.”

He does make sense. One bad performance does not a poor goalkeeper make.