David Seaman has stood by Arsene Wenger following criticism from Gary Neville that he should have replaced Patrick Vieira by now.

Neville recently criticised Wenger for not replacing Vieira, insisting that it was down to arrogance and claiming that he has ‘no sympathy‘ with Arsenal as a result.

Among the players who have jumped to the manager’s defence is former Arsenal goalkeeper, David Seaman. The legend believes that if there was another Vieira out there, Wenger would have signed him.

“Players like Patrick [Vieira] don’t come around too often and I’m sure that if Arsene saw one like him he would buy him,” Seaman said.

Vieira featured in 374 matches during his time with us and will go down in history as one of the best defensive midfielders to ever play for the club. However, players like him don’t come around often and to assume he could instantly be replaced actually discredits his ability.

It’s good to see other players who worked under Wenger standing up for their former manager and not allowing such unnecessary criticism go unnoticed.