Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta has played with some incredible players during his career, and he thinks Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is among the very best of them.

Sunday afternoon saw Oxlade-Chamberlain score the only goal of the game as Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 to retain the Community Shield.

There is a positive buzz that the match has set a tone for the season to come not just for Arsenal, but also for the English midfielder. He has admitted himself that he needs to score more goals, and Sunday was the perfect way to star the new season.

“Unbelievable,” captain Mikel Arteta called the goal when speaking to Arsenal Player after the game. “Alex can do that every week if he wants to.”

“He’s a terrific player, one of the best talents I’ve seen, and he’s got the world open for what he wants to do. It’s up to him.”

First on the agenda is staying fit, then the performances and goals will follow. The England winger has had previous seasons punctuated by injury but now, almost at the age of 22, it is time to assert himself.

As long as he stays fit more regularly Arsène Wenger will not be able to drop Oxlade-Chamberlain again.

“To come to Wembley again and get another title under the belt, I think it’s magnificent,” added the captain. “I think you need to have consideration for the opponents as well.

“We want to be ruthless. I think we have built some momentum and some encouraging expectations. We have to maintain that now and the best way to do that is to keep winning.”

Wise words from the skipper, who is back on the pitch after a nine month absence.