Jose Mourinho has denied that he would ever refuse a handshake in a football stadium.

In what began to sound a bit like an answer in Cluedo, the Chelsea manager explained that he would shake Arsene Wenger’s hand again, as long as it was in a football stadium, as footballing managers.

Speaking to TalkSport, Mourinho said, “You know, it’s my perspective. My perspective is, one thing is the person, another thing is the manager; one thing is the street, another thing is the football stadium and as a manager and in a football stadium, I’ve never refused a handshake with a rival. And by respect of my club and by respect especially with football, I would never refuse a handshake with a manager in a football stadium. That’s my point of view.”

What we can gather from this is that Mourinho is suggesting that it was Wenger who refused the handshake and that, if Wenger had approached him, he would have 100% shaken his hand. I’m not entirely convinced of this but that’s just me.

Something else we can gather is that he’s saying that he wouldn’t shake Wenger’s hand ‘in the street‘, although quite which street Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger would both be ambling down at exactly the same time in order to orchestrate said handshake is anybody’s guess.

He also indicates that he would shake Wenger’s hand as a manager but not as a man, which again, is a little strange. Whether he’s trying to cast aspersions on our manager’s character, I’m not sure, but hey, once again we’re talking about his comments and not the fact that Arsenal beat a strong Chelsea side 1-0 on Sunday, aren’t we?