Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour MP for Islington North and is running for leadership of the party. He’s also a huge Arsenal fan.

What better way to win votes than appeal to Gooners, who win pretty much every poll going no matter what the results actually should be?

After the side went unbeaten in 2004, Corbyn signed a motion in Parliament (which was also signed by 25 other MPs) which declared Arsenal to be the best team in the world. The motion read:

“That this House believes that Arsenal is the best club football team in the world at the moment and admires them for the fluency and poetry that they have brought to the beautiful game.”

Well, who can argue? There are clearly a lot of Arsenal fans who vote for Corbyn for him to have been re-elected to the seat in Islington North on seven occasions.

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, Corbyn will only become more popular among Arsenal fans, which is hardly a surprise.

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