During a question and answer session with his teammates recently, Laurent Koscielny revealed that a certain former Chelsea man was one of the hardest players he’d ever been up against, as well as who inspired him as a youngster, his job before he was a footballer and who he would personally bring to the Emirates next season.

The centre-back swiftly became a fan favourite after joining as a relatively unheard of defender in 2010. He beefed up, grew used to the physicality of the Premier League and is now thriving with the likes of Real Madrid reportedly interested in signing him.

Speaking recently, the 29-year-old spoke about who his most difficult opponent to date was.

Maybe Didier Drogba,” he said. He’s very strong, he can keep the ball with his body, he has good technique. You know when you played against Chelsea it was always very hard because it was a big fight against him.”

Annoyingly, Drogba has a good record against us. In fact, in the 15 matches he’s been involved in, he’s won 10, scoring 13 goals, which is just hideous. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Kos highlighted him as his arch nemesis.

When talking about his inspiration as a child, however, the centre-back’s answer might surprise you a bit more.

When I was younger I loved Chris Waddle,” he revealed. “He played for Marseille before and when I was younger I was a big Marseille fan. He wasn’t a defender though and when I started playing I was a striker, then a midfielder, and then ended up in defence. I don’t have an inspiration now but he was mine when I was younger.”

Waddle made just 20 appearances for Marseille and reached 65 caps for England, although I’d say it’s relatively unusual for a french player to idolise an England one, especially as a child.

On Kos’ career before football, he used to work in an Accordion factory…

“They work very hard to make money and we are the people who work inside to help, and develop an enterprise.”

Okay then.

When quizzed about who he would bring to Arsenal, if he had the choice, the defender was diplomatic in his answer.

“I can’t answer that, he said, before adding, “If it’s an old player then I would say Zidane. It would probably be Messi or Ronaldo now because they are both the best players in the world.”

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