Former Gunner, Ian Selley, believes Arsenal are indeed ready to win the Premier League.

Contradictory to most who reckon we need a couple of additional players to win the title, Selley believes we’ve already got what it takes.

Speaking after our 1-0 victory over Newcastle, in which we could only seem to score from a deflected own goal, Selley revealed, “I think they’re poised to win it. The good thing in the last two years I’ve noticed is that when they haven’t played so well they’ve still got results. Going back three or four years when they played badly, they lost. Now, they’ve got that grit, they’re mentally stronger.”

The former Arsenal man continued, “They’ve been together a long time so they’re settled. They’ve got a young squad. You look at (Jack) Wilshere, (Aaron) Ramsey, (Theo) Walcott, these lads have played hundreds of games and they’re still in their early to mid 20’s.

“They’ve made a couple of good signings too. (Alexis) Sanchez has made such a difference to the team. (Mesut) Ozil too, who I think will have a decent season. He’s getting better. 

“They’ve got a good balance and when you look at them in an attacking sense and the midfield, they’re so strong. (Petr) Cech’s come in so they’ve got a good, experienced goalkeeper, and that adds to the confidence. 

“I’m not saying they’ll push for the title but they’ll be closer than last year, definitely.”

Although he does think we could do with another player, namely Karim Benzema, who we were linked with heavily until the player denied it recently, Selley isn’t completely adamant that we have to sign one.

“I’d like to see someone similar to Dennis Bergkamp come in,” said Selley. “We haven’t had someone like him for a long time. He was a quality player, someone who would sit in the holes, produce goals and set people up. There’s been lots of talk with (Karim) Benzema and he, possibly, is that sort of player. 

“The problem is money, clubs want top money and if you want to bring a top player in you have to spend a fortune. We’ve seen in recent years sometimes when clubs spend a lot of money they don’t produce.

“Arsene’s known for not going cash crazy. If he wants a certain type of player he’ll take his time. He’s been very shrewd with the players he’s brought in recently.

“I do think a player like Benzema could make the difference but it’s also about fitting him in the team. You’d have to drop someone. 

“To bring someone like Benzema in, obviously he’s a quality player. It would be amazing if it could happen. But he won’t be held to ransom for that, he’ll make sure it’s on Arsenal terms.”

Selley’s view is different to most pundits at the moment, as the majority haven’t been convinced by our opening performances this season. We’ve found it difficult to score without the help of own goals and haven’t been nearly as clinical as players of our quality should be.