The concept behind the new Arsenal third cup kit has been revealed and it’s all about including the younger part of the fan base.

Designer, Carl Tuffley, explained the thought process behind the kit to Arsenal Player, describing it as ‘progressive‘, ‘youthful‘, and ‘fresh‘.

The kit, only to be worn during cup games, which I admittedly first thought was navy, is black, with diagonal stripes of ‘seasonal‘ colour. The stripes themselves represent energy, and the designer explained how they wanted to combine traditional football with modernism.

The middle stripe in particular mimics a sash, with the Puma logo highlighted.

On the other side of the chest, the regular red Arsenal crest clashed too much with its surroundings, so the designers changed it to black and gold. In addition, when worn on the pitch with the flood lights shining down on the footballers, the club crest will be the first thing everyone sees.

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